TXL supports SOS Children's Villages

tuesday, december 29, 2009

TXL has since 2002 supported SOS Children's Villages. By supporting SOS Children's Villages, we can help human, social and educational development. In this way we want to contribute to help to help children in vulnerable situations to get a safe, caring and loving existence where they get the possibility to develop positively.


SOS Children's Villages helps vulnerable children throughout the whole world. They give orphans or abandoned children a home, a family and education. SOS Children's Villages have been active since 1949 and are now working in over 130 countries.


About TXL
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About SOS
Children's Villages SOS Children's Villages is the world’s largest organization orphans and abandoned children a home, a family and education. SOS Children's Villages started in Austria1949 and are active in over 130 countries. SOS Children's Villages do not only operate villages, but also schools, social centers, vocational schools, youth housing and medical clinics. They also work in the each Children’s Village local area to prevent that children are abandoned. All of these efforts include everything from education and health care to micro loans to support starting your own small business or agriculture. SOS Children's Villages are politically and religiously independent and works on a long term basis to make the UN childrens goals come true. Around one million children worldwide are helped by SOS Children's Villages. Visit Ошибка! Недопустимый объект гиперссылки. for more information.